++***++ Fuchsias behave like perennials if the area kept frost free during the winter months ++***++

Hiberntion of Fuchsias

A hole in the garden at protected place, a cellar or a place in a heated conservatory or greenhouse

Fuchsias are, if they are moved from the garden to a save place in the house in time before the first harder frosts, perennials. Pruning your fuchsias back at that time can be - but it is not a must. This year's shoots are normally cut back by one third of their length and weak ones are totally removed.


If you have enough space in the winter quarter, then I advise you to suspend the pruning in autumn. Early saved fuchsias are because of the lower wood maturity vulnerable easier targets for fungal diseases and attacks! When professionals advise you to prune back fuchsias, don't forget that these people usually hibernate their fuchsias in a heated greenhouse and  the plants immediately start to grow again after pruning.

Let the plant outdoors as long as possible! Short-term dry frost to -2° C are usually promptly overgone without damage. The advancing lignification (shoots become woody and change their color shade) makes it difficult for spores to spread later in the plant tissue itsself.

The winter temperature in the dark cellar should be at 7-12 °C. Higher temperatures are contra- productive and should be avoided, because the plants are animated to set new shoots.

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