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Fuchsias - a passion

Fuchsia enthusiasts around the world help to develope the genus Fuchsia and its spreading with providing information on the culture and care of the plants. We give ou here the opportunity to set a weblink to your personal homepage. Also links to nurseries and other plant sources are possible  - forums tend to be undesirable:


  • For anyone who likes to wander in the mountains and still wants to see some Fuchsias - you can do that in the location of Maria Alm (Salzburg) - here is a little preview 


  • Flower island Mainau - a place with tradition for exotic plants:   www.mainau.de
  • Fuchsia-Finder - in the case you are looking for a special cultivar or a nursery:  www.fuchsia-home.info


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United Kingdom:


  • The webpage of the known Fuchsia breeder Henk Waldenmaier: members.home.nl

Czech Republic:


  • Fuchsien in Japan - wie geht das bei den relativ hohen Temperaturen: www.h7.dion.ne.jp


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Fuchsia Societies

Wild species (incl. sektions)

Picture Database

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  • Fuchsia - Atlas   NEW for End 2009!

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