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Fuchsias - In the realm of 1001 small bells 

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Fuchsias - Pot plants with charme, which are widely collected by gardeners

Who looks up the history in the annals of botany, you will quickly realize that the culture of  fuchsia has long long tradition in Central Europe. With more than 100 categorized wild species  (in 12 sections) and more than 15.000 registered Fuchsia cultivars (hybrids) is the plant genus Fuchsia probably the most interesting and the most popular ever.  And the number of new registrations in the hybrid sector increases steadily every year - this is evident in the database of registered Fuchsias at American Fuchsia Society (AFS).

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Fuchsias - a plant group, which is predestinated for mainly bright to semi shady areas in the garden and it original distribution areas reach from the Mexican cloud forest of the Pacific West Coast - to the Caribbean islands down to Tierra del Fuego (southern tip of South America).

Exceptions are those Fuchsia species that are found in New Zealand and Tahiti. They are not - as elsewhere always reclaimed and stated - useful as houseplants (exceptions are well ventilated areas in conservatories and greenhouses). The reason for this are often unfavorable light and humidity conditions.

They are a fixed part of the pool of available pot plants and are used to create nice house access area, patios and backyards.

That fuchsias have clearly gained in popularity is evident in the fact that many fuchsias are relevant plants to a lot exhibition shows every year around the globe.

One of the most impressive in this sector was that one of the British Fuchsia Society (BFS) held last  year on its 70-year anniversary in Wisley Garden in London.  At the visiting days there were counted more than 30,000 visitors.

Caution!! addiction potential!! - a well-meant gift plants from a friend or close relative is often the trigger for an extensive collection. Once you get used to these very interesting plants of the genus intensive apart, will understand what I mean here.

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To whom is my small private Fuchsia portal mentioned and dedicated? 

Now, this question is very simple and easy answered. To all those Fuchsia addicts and friends around the world, which are interested in the culture and care of Fuchsias and which are bored and sick to search for information in various forums.  Obviously, when necessary, if further information is available on special topics - we will provide it here at a later time. Of particular interest will be here Triphyllas, interspecies-hybrids and other hybrids - we want to put these plants into the right focus.

New - Fuchsia exhibition in Duisburg/Hamborn 2009 - Germany

Since many years the big German Fuchsia and Dahlia Society (DDFGG) is organizing with a local group of fuchsia enthusiasts an Fuchsia exhibtion in the Botanical Garten Duisburg/Hamborn. The show takes place every mid July and it is to mention, that the Botanical Garden itself has a permantent exhibition of Fuchsias with more than 350 cvs during the summer months. 


Update! - Prepare your fuchsias at time for hibernation

Prepare your fuchsias now for an easier and successful hibernation in a cellar, greenhouse or conservatory. More Info about summer care, fertilization and pestcontroll you find over the given links.

Please note: These pages are in progress - so please do accept that some of the links are not set properly at the moment!

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